How To Raise Child Safety Awareness?

In the past few years we heard number of news about violence and abuse on children. We cannot prevent the incidents but to some extent we can train every kid to safeguard themselves. Parents and teachers are playing a vital role in making a child to be careful and protect themselves from the unwanted evils and accidents and so many other outdoor problems.

Safety At Home

Children won’t be able to understand the seriousness and injuries may happen when they do naughty things. We cannot keep an eye on them all the time that is quite impossible. Hence we can make them wear a wristband incorporating “Safety While Play” logo with attractive colors. Whenever they see this band, they may get cautious while playing and doing anything.  This will spread a good message among other kids also.

Travelling By Bus To School

We can educate them how to travel in a bus by waiting at the bus stop and stand well back from the curb.  When they get off the bus, they need to take straight out of the bus door and never cross the street in front of a bus.
At the same time we have to educate them about the traffic signal lights. We can offer the kids wristbands with different colors of signals like green, yellow, red which will indirectly help them to know the traffic rules. This will also act as an easy way to remember traffic rules.

Safety On Bicycle

If the children are going out by bicycle, the bicycle should be in good condition. Air to be checked quite often. We have to instruct them to follow the traffic rules and to avoid over taking and fast riding.

Kids Bands

Children are very fond of wearing wristbands. We can print phone number and guardian name in these custom made silicone bands. If by chance the child miss the bus or out of the coverage area, at least anybody see the wristbands, they can immediately give information about the child seeing the phone numbers on the bands.  We can print nearest police station number also in this. It is one way of attractive band as well as useful one also. Children will like that because of the attractive colors and finishing. But make sure when you purchase wristbands that are made of pure silicone. So that you can be tension free on skin allergies.

Child Sexual Abuse

Now a day the quite common news is sexual abuse on child.  It is a very dangerous thing and parents are afraid of sending their child out.  Parents as well as teachers should educate the child how to behave with neighbors as well as the persons with whom the child is interacting. If any different attitude felt by the child, she should immediately report it to parents.


Kidnapping is another element which children are facing. We should teach them they should not move with the unknown persons and if they happen to come across such an abnormal situation, if they wear a wrist band, they can somehow contact their parents and inform about the situation.

These are all the small child safety tips we can teach the children to face the world without any fear.

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