How to Make DIY Netted Stone Friendship Bracelets

Things required making the bracelet:
  1. Clipboard or something to hold the cords
  2. Waxed cotton cord
  3. Small Stones
  4. Scissors
  5. Button

Steps to make the Bracelets

1.Cut 2 strands with about 1 meter of cord and fold it in half.
2.Cut another strand with 2 meters, this is the one we will use to wrap the whole bracelet and then fold it along with the other two, leaving the excess cord all to one side.

3.Knot the cords together at the middle, leaving a loop big enough to fit the button through

4.Clip the cords in place, grab the longer cord and wrap it around the other one.

5.Once the bracelet reaches almost half the size of your wrist, secure the cord, by tying it around.

 6.To make the net, divide the cords in pairs and make a knot on each of the two, close to the top.

7.Now separate the cords again, take one cord from one knot, another cord from the other and tie those two together.

8.Do another row of knots with the same steps followed above and try it to see if your stone fits. The sample stone shown here was not big, so 3 rows were enough for me. If your stone is bigger in size, then just make another row or two.

9.Find the longer cord again use it to secure the strands together and wrap it around until the length on this side of the bracelet matches the other.


 10.Once both the lengths become equal, then tie the cord around and add the button.

Cut the excess cord and now your bracelet is ready to wear!!!



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