DIY Sequin Bracelet

  • 8 inches of strung sequins
  • 12 inches of 0.5m elastic cord
  • 12 inches of embroidery floss
  • scissors, needle or pin

First step is to cut 12 inches of elastic cord and tie a double knot at the end.

  Then pull a bunch of sequins off the strand. Keep the sequins in place between the pads of the index finger and thumb. Then through the sequins thread the elastic cord.

Use the same method and continue stringing on sequins, in any pattern of your wish. 

Once you finish making strings, wrap the strung sequins around the wrist to make sure it fits your wrist size. Then put a double knot in the elastic cord and pull tightly to make it tighten. The ends need to be trimmed.

Cut the embroidery floss into 2 inch pieces. Fold them in half over the knot. Take another 2 inch strand and tie the floss together into a double knot at the top.

Finally trim the ends of embroidery flosses. Use a needle to comb through and loosen the floss. Trim the tassel and now your sequin bracelet is ready to wear!!!


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